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January 31, 2020

Designer Cakes In Gurgaon: Top 10 New Trends

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C A K E S ! ! !

Do we ever use this deliciously yummy word without a watering mouth and a sparkle in our eyes? We guess not.

Cakes are something we just cannot resist. That’s why we cake lovers are always looking for designer cake shops in Gurgaon.

Talk about cakes these days and you’ll realise that they have stopped merely being desserts, they are more like glamorous centre-pieces of events these days that garner attention and appreciation from the time that they meet the eye to the time that they reach our guts. Though cakes have always been tempting, they have now evolved from simply being tasty and beautiful to being irresistibly luscious and lavishly swanky.

Cakes have always been the ‘in’ thing that have been a significant chapter at defining edible art. The easy accessibility and exorbitant consumption of content has led to sky-rocketing creativity and its exhibition to the world. With access to this creativity, designs and ideas from the world over are being reproduced, admired and relished.

So, let’s just say that ‘icing on the cake’ is not just an idiom, it is a hard fact!

Don’t your cakes please your taste buds better when their fancy and elaborate beauty can’t let you take your eyes off them?

Look for designer cakes in Gurgaon online and boom! Floral, geometric, printed, themed and hand-painted cakes have created so much variety and choice for a consumer to choose from designer cake shops in Gurgaon.

With so many choices and ideas being available, aesthetes and connoisseurs have their cakes custom made to fit in and complement the venue, theme, persona and character of the occasion. The party hub of the NCR, i.e. Gurgaon, boasts of a few choicest bakers that can help design and deliver the most lavish, trendy and  delectable cakes.

We, at The Rolling Pin Bakery, a very reputed designer cake shop in gurgaon, pride ourselves in calling ourselves one of the favorites when it comes to custom made cakes. Our veteran bakers with years of expertise  have been passionately and creatively delighting customers for a very long time seeking
new challenges every day to create and present the most beautiful and delectable cakes in town.

Though inspiration comes from within, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to only that. Why not look for it beyond too? Instagram is good for starters, for cakes & designer cake shops in Gurgaon we mean. Your cakes & designer cake shops in Gurgaon can be inspired by a person, their personality or their profession; the occasion, the theme or the season; or for that matter the landscape, the mood or the sentiment around you. You could simply be inspired by a beautiful wall paper or a lacy curtain! So much for inspirations we say.

But you wouldn’t have to worry if you couldn’t find what you were looking for. Our experts, we assure you, will never fail to impress you with their favorites out of our large variety of savory finger-licking cakes that we have. With our seasoned gourmet chefs ready to pick and choose or create and bake THE cake for you to awe your guests, you’ll never have to look beyond our designer cake shops in Gurgaon, The Rolling Pin Bakery, for your cake needs ever again.

We have put together a few trendy and much-loved cake designs that we have been our absolute best at. You can take your pick from one of these. Oh sure, you can thank us later!!

Floral Cakes

Floral Cakes 1

Flowers have always been the classic route and no wonder why this is everyone’s one of the favourite designer cakes in Gurgaon online.

Floral designs and the charm that they exude has neither ever gone out of trend nor has it ever faded.  Be a monochromatic cake in white or lime yellow, powder blue or calm green or a cake flushed with rainbow hues, flowers and florals have never failed to impress, not to forget how they make the fairer sex go ooh la la about them!

Floral cakes are the safest and the most alluring bet for weddings if you are not planning a cake with a groom kneeling at a bride’s feet with ‘Game Over’ marked in sweet bold icing to take the mood to its comic best. Cakes with floral designs can complement almost every theme, every mood, every occasion and every taste bud! You could have delicate flowers made of sweet icing or intricate flowers made of fondant, butter cream or gum paste. A snow white cake with white butter cream flowers on it can look as plush as a lovely pink cake with fondant flowers in all shades of blue lighting it up or a rich wine colored cake with golden flowers and vines lining it. Take your pick and we guarantee that our flowers and cakes will keep bringing you back to us even when there’s no occasion knocking at your door.

Textured Cakes

Textures are the new norm or so it seems in the world of lovely designer cakes in Gurgaon online.

An ocean themed cake with waves stirring up a storm in your taste buds can be called nothing short of state-of-the-art. An off white tiered cake with embossed lacy texture on it melts right in your eyes even before it reaches your tongue. Textured butter cream and frosting are garnering much more attention than ever before because of their versatility and their agility to be molded into ornate and complex shapes, patterns and figurines to fashion complex designs.

Textured Cakes 1

A few cool surges and twists can bring about unique and wondrous textures and patterns in your cake to create movement and design and trust us when we tell you we’re the best at keeping your design ideas flowing onto your cakes and making sure they turn out to be ground breaking in their looks and diet shattering in their taste. Colors, we warn you are critical when playing with textures so we suggest you choose them well. But just in case you don’t, we’re anyway always happy to suggest a change or TWO cuz the cake aren’t just for YOU! We make cakes and we rhyme too.

A Letter or a Number Cake

One of the most popular and the most common too, are cakes made in the shape of name’s initials or in the shape of numbers.

This is one of the easiest solutions that everyone finds whenever they search for “designer cakes in Gurgaon near me” for someone’s birthday cakes. Remember having seen a cake at your nephew’s birthday who was turning three and the cake said the number loud enough.

But we like to take it a notch up from there, a number 3 cake by us could have looked like a baby’s cute bum or a racing track or an idea that you had in your head which we sadly may have missed out.

Hand-Painted Cake

So when we initially spoke of edible art, you know what we had on our mind! You are right, hand painted cakes, that’s what we were thinking and now that we mentioned it, we know it’s on your mind too. Delicate strokes of fresh color making your cake a masterpiece, that Mona Lisa herself would have loved to devour, is what we are talking of.

That lovely curly funky text you saw the other day in an Instagram calligraphy post, yes we can do that too with our brushes on your cakes. Now, aren’t that what you call amazeballs? 

Hand-painted Cake

So get your brain hunting for ideas and bring ’em to us and we’re waiting to dip our brushes in sweet edible colors to paint your imagination on our fresh juicy cakes.

Geometric or Structured Cakes

Geometric or structured cakes

No no no, no rocket science here! They are the simplest of all, the round or square cakes that we have grown up eating have now evolved into triangles, pentagons, octagons and all the maths that you learnt at school. Glad those shapes you learnt are finally going to be put to some use. How about a structured cake teaching maths to your kid who’s head over heels in love with the subject? A circular base topped up with a square, finished with an equilateral triangle covered in fondant of your choice of colors with SpongeBob Square Pants or the Smurfs or a bunch Minions adorning it, is sure to send your bundle of joy into a frenzy of happiness.

A Louis Vuitton bag for your lovely lady on her birthday is just so affordable when you have us make it for you in fluffy breads, yummy cream and enticing fondant. What are you then waiting for? A birthday or anniversary may just be around the corner and we, Sire, want to make ourselves useful.

Abstract Art on Cakes

Normal and routine is out, unconventional and outlandish is in. With that being said, there is constantly an endeavour to break the chains of the commonality and bring about something unusual for consumers who are ever demanding fresh avant-garde ideas to stand out at their events and occasions. This applies as much to cakes as it does to any other thing that is aspired by consumption. We try to experiment and create ideas to make your cakes pieces of art that you can show off like a prized antique at your party or upcoming gala.

Abstract Art on cakes

Abstract art on cakes is a creative way to unfold your artistic personality and create anything from your imagination. It will leave your guests applauding, give them a spectacle to see and art to admire for free! We told you, we could rhyme.

Drip Cake

Drip Cake

Whenever we look for designer cakes in Gurgaon online, we see that tempting pink icing dripping off a fluffy white cake or the white chocolate dripping off the dark chocolate cake, or the unicorn cake with silver icing flowing down it, does that make you go weak in the knees cuz it does that to so many of our customers who don’t even have a sweet tooth? 

The green cake with honey colored icing dripping down and forming an ocean at the base of the cake and yellow & brown confetti embellishing it is sure to make you dig into the cake and polish it off all on your own.

Drip cakes are the best pick if you want an instant mouth-watering landscape on the table from your favourite designer cake shop in Gurgaon, the messier they are the more appetizing they look. And this landscape you can have us create right here in our bakery in the heart of Gurgaon. So when did you say you are coming?

Cartoon Character Cakes

Whenever you visit any designer cake shops in Gurgaon, you will see Spider-man or Hulk, Captain America or Iron Man, I mean MARVEL at all of them. What does your little one want to be when they grow up? Super heroes or Thanos, Cinderellas or Snow Whites, Smurfs or Minions, Kung Fu Panda or Gru, come to us and we’ll make it through!! 

Winning over your little one and being the cool mom or dad that you already are is so much easier with us, at The Rolling Pin Bakery, just a call away. 


Cartoon character cakes

Cartoon character cakes in various sizes and flavors, not to forget the best quality, are what we have to offer to keep you glued to us forever and ever and ever.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

All of us may not have seen a rainbow for real but a Rainbow cake is something that we all have definitely come across, if not at a party at least in a designer cake shops in Gurgaon, showcased among all others and standing out like a boss!

They are such a trend. Rainbows on the outside or on the outside, better still a rainbow inside and on the exterior too, doesn’t it sound like a fairy-tale cake already? It’s hard to not love these fun-filled doses of happiness. There are so many ways you can have that rainbow of colors on your cake. Plain white icing makes the VIBGYOR of colors inside the cake to pop out.

But you could also play with rainbow piping on a cake otherwise plain on the inside. Match the rainbow piping on the outside to a colorful cake on the inside and you have a plethora of colors ON and IN your cake to color your tummy and your paint your heart in colors of happiness.

Pastel Hues

Sophisticated vibes anyone? Pastel colors are the go to style for you, we’re sure. Rainbow cakes may be happiness for everyone but we feel your pulse telling us that pastel English colors are what awaken the aesthete in you. Lavender & ivory, mauve & cream, periwinkle & peach, mint & mulberry, olive & cinnamon; you name it, we have it!

‘Pastel’ is a synonymous of ‘classy’ and we want you to be precisely that, so a pastel cake with fondant shapes and figures can never go wrong. In fact, that’s the only thing that can never ever go wrong. 

Pastel Hues

Indulge yourself in a color palette and combination of your choice and the flavour that kicks it in you and VOILA! We will bring it right to you.

Have you cake and eat it too! Only that our cakes are such master pieces of art that you would want to look at them a little longer but at the same time they are such scrumptious delights that you would want to dig right into them!

While you are confused about whether to look longer at our cakes or to devour them sooner than you lay your hands on them, we’d be waiting to hear from you to, of course, add to your confusion by making our cakes a little more irresistible and a little more delectable with every order we deliver.

Already craving for some cakes and looking for some designer cake shops in Gurgaon?

Come to us.

The Rolling Pin Bakery serving your designer cake needs like no one else!