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February 5, 2020

An anniversary is a special day in a person’s life, a symbol of a new milestone being crossed. This day is filled with a lot of joy as it marks another year with your loved one. Rolling Pin Bakery is on its toes to make your special day dreamlike with a perfect anniversary cake. With profound recognition from our clients, we bake to perfection the most creative cakes in Gurgaon. To buy a cake that would look and taste mesmerizing, navigate to our cake collections on our website, select an anniversary cake design from the extensive catalogue of anniversary cakes, order the same, and cut it with your partner. Some people, alternatively, want to buy an anniversary cake and we deliver their desired pastry right on time. We, at Rolling Pin Bakery, promise to deliver you the most toothsome cakes you have ever had. With a variety of themes and a plethora of custom designs, we make every single cake unique from its previous one. It might appear to some of us that choosing an anniversary cake design is a difficult task especially if there are irresistible choices to choose from.

Top Flavors For Anniversary Cakes To Choose From

Anniversary Cakes
We give paramount importance to two things when it comes to the anniversary cake design, the flavour and the look. The characteristic flavour and the toppings added on the cake are an important parameter to make the cake look regal. The couple can give each other a surprise or decide on a particular flavour before selecting a cake. Delectable anniversary cakes in Gurgaon mostly include cakes with one flavour or tiered with different flavours. Chocolate is the most chosen option for an anniversary cake in Gurgaon. You are going to drool over the attractive cakes that we bake in a diverse selection of flavours such as Vanilla, mango, Oreo, Mocha, Strawberry, Black forest, Truffle, and Pineapple. To give these favours a unique combination, our experienced bakers are ready with top-notch ingredients. These richly flavourful cakes suggestions, from Rolling Pin Bakery, will flash on your screen with a simple online search of anniversary cake bakery near me. Our professionally ordered flavouring agents include chocolate and raspberry, caramel and apple, lemon and berries, strawberries and vanilla, and salted caramel with amaretto. With several hours of practice, our bakers have mastered the art of baking a delicious and customize it with different flavours.

Our anniversary cake catalogue:

Gold Foil Cake
Gold Foil Cake

We often relate Indian anniversaries and weddings with gifts of gold. But we can walk an extra mile with the concept of gifting something in gold. We can browse the web for an anniversary cake bakery and order a cake adorned with 24K gold foil. If we want we can ask them to prepare the cake sponge with a colour that is similar to gold and ask them to add a golden sparkle to the sweet and luxurious delight. You would wrap and send a few pounds of pure love when you gift this cake.

Pink Rose Swirl Cake
Your beloved partner will be on cloud nine if you bring home a cake that is not only delicious but also has elegant designs on it. This cake is adorned with twists of pink roses and looks divine. If I were in your position, I would go to the anniversary cake section of Rolling Pin Bakery and order the magnificent pink rose swirl cake. This cake has a delicious blend of luscious strawberries, cherries and adorned with pink rose petals. This anniversary cake looks so gorgeous that you would have second thoughts before cutting it. Pink Rose Swirl cakes come in other colours such as blush and ombre.
Pink Rose Swirl Cake
Fondant Cake
Multi-Tier Fondant Cake
You need a large multi-tier cake if you have several people attending your anniversary party. This custom made multi-tier anniversary cake is recommended by our bakers who assure 100 per cent satisfaction to taste. Anniversary cakes in Gurgaon are often of several tiers because more often we throw a party where many guests are invited. Most of the guests appreciate an attractive, multi-tier, fondant cake in an anniversary. But, in my experience, I would make sure to approach a renowned bakery that will bake the cake of your dreams and will help me make an epic anniversary celebration.
Anniversary Number Cake
Wouldn’t it be wondrous if your baker bakes a wedding anniversary cake in Gurgaon, in the shape of the number of years you two have spent together? It does not matter which year of the anniversary are you celebrating, you can beautify an anniversary cake with the number of years of togetherness. Therefore, it’s a heartwarming, touchy, and elegant type of cake which will surely add a new meaning to your wedding anniversary celebration.
Anniversary Number Cake
custom engagement cake
Anniversary cakes with designer subjects
We have often seen that some people are fashion enthusiasts. If your partner happens to be one of them, you can choose an anniversary cake design of a makeup product and Chanel bags, with flower fondant toppings, and ribbons. You can decorate your cake with fruits, icing and nuts, in the shape of designer commodities for your partner who craves such brands. A rich creamy layer makes the cake extremely pleasing to the sense of taste.

Anniversary Or Valentine's Day - Rolling Pin Bakery All The Way

For some people, their anniversaries are extra special because they were bonded in divine connection on Valentine’s Day. This day is typically marked with love and passion and is a prospect to show your affection to your significant other. At Rolling Pin Bakery, we provide you with an enormous assortment of mouthwatering Valentine’s Day and anniversary theme cakes in all flavours, designs, and shapes. Whether you want to wish your lover a very Happy Valentine’s Day or celebrate a year of your joyous union, our mesmerising cakes will never dissatisfy you. Don’t look any further if you want a bakery specialising in cakes for such romantic occasions. Our online cake portal will guide you in selecting an extraordinary cake for your loved one. The delectable taste will linger in your mouth for several hours. Some of the best cakes for Valentine’s Day that you can order from Rolling Pin Bakery are as follows:

Love Birds Cake

Love Cake
If you are a very romantic person, a Love bird themed cake is the appropriate anniversary cake design for you. Being a romantic person, anyone would order a love bird cake from an anniversary cake bakery. If you are planning to buy online the anniversary cake, you can suggest your anniversary cake design to the bakers in the information section. They will consider your preference, bake a cake as per your suggested design, and adorn with it a pair of cute love birds made of fondants.

Naked Cake

naked cake
There is an immemorial saying that “it’s what’s inside, that counts’, and the same can be applied to your anniversary cake. A simple, naked anniversary cake design will surely be less expensive than any other complex design. Ask the baker near your locality to increase the filling between tiers and leave the layers exposed for a fresh and delicious looking cake. In naked cakes, the frosting on the outside of the cake is not done. With a generous bath of chocolate syrup, this cake is a paradise for chocolate lovers.

XOXO Love Cake

XOXO Love Cake
If you adore your partner, you most certainly cannot resist your temptation from buying this XOXO Valentine’s cake. This dainty dessert is iced in pink ombre buttercream and topped with chocolate X’s and O’s. It’s assorted on all sides with kissy lip and heart decorations and on the inside has layers of red velvet. Try this anniversary cake today and your guests will leave the party premise licking their fingers.


Any anniversary is a memorial in a couple’s life and people remember the joyous celebration for several years. The above ideas are excellent ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary most spectacularly.

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