About Us

Our Story

The Rolling Pin Bakery is a company owned and operated by Ryder Exports.It was born out of the passion and longing of two sisters for authentic and global pastries breads and desserts. We opened up as a small Home bakery in 2013, but with appreciation and growing customer base we set up a full functional bakery kitchen..From a Humble Home Bakery, we quickly evolved as the one stop shop for all bakery and patisserie lovers alike. Alongside our loyal and growing customer base, we had the opportunity to work with some major high street brands as they launched in India, such as Juicy Couture, Hunkermoller, Di’Vani, Adidas & Innisfree

The Family

The Rolling Pin Bakery is a company owned and operated by Ryder Exports by The
Ryder Group, a partnership firm managed by Mr. Kulbir Singh Chandhok. The partners are
Mr. Kulbir Singh Chandhok, Ms. Parneet Kaur Chandhok and Mr. Anmol Singh Chandhok.

High Standards

Work Tirelessly

Skilled Growers


Parneet Kaur Chandhok

Head Baker

My culinary journey began at home. I was a little girl when I started helping my mum bake and cook. I grew up in a food centric, food obsessed family. However, being a traditional business family with conservative values, a professional job was not something that excited my parents. I went on to study business administration, all the while knowing that my passion was food and primarily baking. After working for 2 years in advertising, I realized I needed to pursue my passion, so I applied for a master’s degree in Hospitality and tourism management from Sheffield Hallam University (UK). This year shaped my life and determined who I would become. Upon my return I took up a short bakery course from IICA, Delhi. With that started ‘The Rolling Pin Bakery’, a small home run bakery. The response received was overwhelming to say the least and caught us by surprise. It inspired u to constantly innovate and learn. Since then, I travel every year in search of new recipes and to also learn by taking classes the world over.

Navneet Dhir

Bakery Supervisor

Ive always loved food but only from the other side of the counter. I was more into Fashion at the Start. Being a part of the Fashion Industry was my dream which I pursued by doing B.A in fashion design and technology from pearl academy of fashion. I followed fashion for a while with small exhibitions but never ended up making a business out of it.

Gradually, with constant inspiration from my mother and daughter, I got interested in making small cakes and deserts. I pursued it further by taking up chocolate making courses to get more creative ideas for desserts.

My sister had always dreamed of opening up a café and started The Rolling Pin Bakery which I became a part of initially as a helping hand. My journey with her started with just helping out once in a while when she had big orders and that just got me more and more into it. Gradually the part time help turned into a full time job it just kept growing with bigger and bigger orders and events I started working with and it’s been almost 3 years now and we are only looking forward to opening many stores and making our small Home baker into a huge business empire.


Our Standards

Delivering fresh, delicious and reasonably priced products that will definitely keep you asking for more.

 We endeavour to deliver some seriously delicious and good-looking delicacies.

We make food for every day enjoyment, your bread and butter as it were, and definitely dessert too! Food and baking is our passion and that is exactly what you will find here.